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Campaña San Miguel y Malaga CF - Cuatrocento


The feeling is forever


San Miguel Beer (CSM), the official sponsor of Málaga Football Club (MCF), entrusted us with the development of a creative campaign and its conversion into a spot and outdoor advertising to highlight the brand’s commitment to Málaga’s team, despite the difficult times the Club is going through at the moment. We created a campaign dedicated to Málaga CF (and, above all, to the pride of being a part of Málaga), whose message revolved around the more than 50 years that San Miguel Beer has been with Málaga and the unconditional support that the company will continue to give the city and the Football Club for another 50 years… because that feeling is forever. For the audiovisual piece, we had a cast from Málaga featuring journalists like María Naranjo, Borja Gutiérrez, and Isa Sánchez, as well as streamer Elemao and the former soccer player Jesús Gámez. These individuals are the protagonists of a script with multiple voices and one unified message, led by renowned actor Gonzalo Cortés. For the graphic materials, we had a cast of Club supporters.


Street advertising panels, giant banners.

TV spot, social media, website.

Press room, media strategy, press conference.

Recruitment of actors, audiovisual and photo production.

Campaña creativa Malaga CF - Agencia Comunicación Malaga
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